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The structural definition of our company raises a commercial international coverage strongly based on the association with "Franchisees", which accede to important advantages and benefits.

This is a business model based on the concept of "Franchising", a benefit that allows commercial exploitation of the brand, services and products DC Alliances & Business, with an image already established within a local network, national or internationally.

We invite it to be a part of our "Network of Franchisees", contact us to info@dcalianzas.com to obtain major information.


Commercial Representation
Our Services of Commercial Representation, are directed those national and international companies, which are unable to carry out the opening of an office abroad or do not have the time or resources or the commercial sufficient structure to realize the negotiations necessary for the search, development, follow-up, and capture of new clients or consolidation of the already existing.

We offer an excellent level of quality in the presentation of our services, in accordance with the guidelines and characteristics of every company particular, producing a working relationship in “Society” with the organization assisted. For this we have resources highly qualified and committed with the objectives of our clients, offering a portfolio of services of high quality.

This encloses in form global and simple our objectives: the business search serious and tangible with those companies assisted.

As lenders of services we worry ourselves for obtaining the best commercial condition looking for the most profitable position for our client and the necessary formulas for that the entire operative is adequate for each case and carrying out without misfortunes. All this sustained in the excellence of our services, which allow reducing costs and optimizing the operative processes.

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