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Represented Companies
Company that They Trust in Us
The following organizations are only some of the many that have trusted in our professional services. The success and the satisfaction of our clients is our better tool:

Additional Information
Please contact us and you will find in DC Alliances & Business our International Trade Department...view more
Specialists in International Business

In DC Alliances & Business we help to discover new and more efficient forms and opportunities for businesses, and to extend the product collation and services. We contribute innovating solutions to develop commercial managements with greater effectiveness and help the organizations to increase productivity, improve operative efficiency, reduce costs, increase sales, and increase market share. We know the suitable manner to confront our surroundings of businesses that are in the process of permanent change. We help to extend horizons in the markets and to compete on a global scale.

We hope that your visit to our web site is productive and will be the start of a direct interaction. Again, we thank you for your visit.

G. B. A.

Commercial Representations
We are Commercial Representatives only of the best products of the world, linking in effective form to Producers, Manufacturers, Distributors, Sales representatives, etc., in order to extend his channels of sales in new geographical areas.view more
Our Services
DC Alliances & Business understands that the key to successfully implement a strategic plan of foreign trade depends on a successful partnership...view more
Consultancy and Advice Services
Our consultative programs serve and assist companies who are exporting and importing products and are in need of individual advice...view more
Market Investigation
One of our key tools is that we have the information ready. Therefore, your company will achieve more quickly than any other international operation... view more
Strategic & Planning
The main objective of this service is to fully achieve your commercial goals as per your business requirements...view more
Business Contacts
Our Business Contacts serve to identify, evaluate, search, and connect partners, international distributors, and/or suitable representatives...view more
Legal , Tributary and Countable Advise
DC Alliances & Business offers the exporting company's information and individual advice with regards to Legal, Countable and Tributary matters, etc...view more
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